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It's true


Erica Jennings is a welcome addition to the world of great Jazz vocalists. Clear, present and intensely intuitive, her interpretationsof what writer/producer Joseph Baldassare romantically calls "New Standards" is a breath of fresh air in an era of often found reworked selections from the American Songbook.

A native of Dublin who resides in her adopted home of Vilnius, Lithuania where her name is revered Erica initially worked with Joseph Baldassare 16 years ago (when she was a teenager) on his Living Theater series spawning the cult classic "It's A Lovely Day" (which to date has a myriad of fan videos totaling well over 1,000,000 views). In their newest outing Erica once again shines with her unique lyrical interpretation creating an unforgettable retro modern sound both reminiscent of the early days of Jazz and the sound of today